Dream Music

::: Dream Music :::
– intimate session by –

::: AFTA-1 (LA) :::
w/ a special sit in by Jesse Boykins III (NYC)

The Universe is composed of light and vibration.

Through color, the infinite variations of light manifest. Through, sound, the infinite variations of vibration manifest. Through light, love is seen. Through vibration, love is felt. Through love, light and vibration are 1. Love is 1; the God energy from which these two life elements are born. As vessesls chosen to carry this center frequency, what we create is not of us. It comes “AFTA 1.” As a direct result of the transmission of pure, untainted love.

I am only a vessel of that love. Blessed with the gift of translation; love to music, sound to color. Born of loving parents, student of love by way of my loved ones, selector, creator. I am just as you are, one with the gift of life, who’s purpose it is to live it an be inspired by it. So that I may inspire those around me. I Manuel Alejandro Moran, am spirit, body and mind. AFTA 1 is Love. Love is Real.

::: 40Love (SF) :::
The sound is versatile, unique, and ever-expanding. Hailing from San Francisco, 40Love is the rising new group gaining critical acclaim while “breaking sonic barriers” (URB).

The group consists of female vocalist/emcee Haze, emcee G-OFF, producer Mikos, and DJ/Producer The Whooligan. “Shaped by broodingly bubbling synths and ethereal hooks, sung by one of hip-hop’s most alluring sirens, [40Love] is tailor made for nocturnal sojourns, preferably through urban streets, on a sticky summer night…” (OKAYPLAYER)

At a young age, the group has already shared the stage with some of the industry’s most respected names, including Mos Def, Souls of Mischief, MC Supernatural, MC Lyte, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Afrika Bambaataa, Wale, Blu, Mark Farina, Bugz In The Attic and more.
40Love has many upcoming projects in the works, including their highly anticipated new album “Dreams Don’t Sleep” which will be released mid 2010, featuring the likes of Zumbi of Zion-I, Black Spade, Hassaan Mackey and Jesse Boykins III. An original production remix project “mikooliganziland” by Mikos and The Whooligan in support of “Dreams Don’t Sleep”. A mixtape collaboration featuring Haze, Denise Wallace, and DJ Shred One is also in the works.

– global soul provided by –

::: The Whooligan (SF) :::
“Futuristicsoulsexyghettotechtronicboombap” is the only way to describe the beguiling musical potions of Julio “The Whooligan” Galvez. He is a musical chemist…concocting beats as a producer and experimenting with their reactive characteristics as a DJ. There are no test tubes and chemicals in this beat doctor’s lab; the tools of choice for his brand of science are an MPC and a wantonly obese record collection. His laboratory varies: one day he’s locked away in the studio composing musical Monet’s and collaborating with the world’s hottest artists; the next, he’s likely to be found spinning records, garnering media honors and leaving everyone salivating for more at any of the hottest venues around the country.

What began as a pastime, listening to music and learning about different styles in his hometown in California’s East Bay, turned into a fascination. Like all great artists, that fascination soon morphed into a passion; the passion was honed into a skill and the rest is history. Today, The Whooligan is an intricate part of the Bay Area’s music scene and undeniable flair for his craft along with an impressive work ethic have quickly gained him fans and respect beyond his native soil, as demonstrated by his #4 ranking in Music Culture Today Magazine’s Top 10 Favorite DJ Sets from the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL.

Friday, January 29, 2010
10PM – 2AM
$5 cover

free music and clothing giveaways & drink specials all night

Valo Brand

Madrone Lounge
500 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 241-0202

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