The Cuf, Defeye & more @ Pistol Pete’s

Yes Yes! We are doing it again! This time we’re bringing it to you live at Pistol Pete’s in Downtown Auburn!

We plan to bring the biggest Halloween show that Auburn California has ever seen! The lineup is confirmed and we have officially joined forces with The Cuf to bring together TWO of the dopest Halloween shows around! Yes, that’s right, The Cuf has moved their annual Halloween show to Auburn Ca!
And to continue with our traditions, Auburn Hip Hop Congress (21+) will be hosting this year’s Naughty & Nice Halloween Costume Contest. Last year was a huge success! We’ve heard so many great things back from you all. And we want you to know, it is all of your great feedback that has inspired us to bring it to you one more time! Bigger & Better! With a year of momentum fueling us, you better believe we’re coming strong! it is our duty to you all as friends & fam to bring it to you LIVE! ….We got you!

The lineup is on fire! We know we have to keep the crowd LIVE for at least 4 hours, so we sought out some of the highest energy, most high impact performers and freshest entertainment we could think of!

The Cuf will be headlining this unforgettable event and probably partying right there alongside you (partying wit the best of em!) 😉 Pioneers in Sacramento Hip Hop Scene, The Cuf has been visiting Auburn for years! One of the only out-of-town hip hop groups who can honestly say that in fact!Also check them out on SN&R. They have been inducted into the Sammie’s Hall of Fame THIS YEAR! Let’s show The Cuf a lot of love. Big Ups!

We also have hometown hero, J*Ras of SouLifted returning by popular demand! He had everybody up on their feet dancin til 1:30AM on a Thursday night not too long ago in Auburn. So, you know we’re bringing him back for this show! If you missed him last time…you better be there for this one! J*RAS!

We even have a very special guest, (A close friend and no stranger to Auburn) coming back to host this Naughty & Nice Event. I’ll do the name-dropping later, thank you very much! 😉

And I know you all remember Task 1ne who came in at 2nd place for “The Remix” 16-bar competition w/ J Ross Parrelli. It was almost a split decision! He was onstage KILLIN IT! This dude is BY FAR one of the dopest freestyler I know!And his music is always clever & original. If he were a super hero, He’d have to be Thor(don’t ask)! Anyways, you all asked for it…Give it up for …Task1ne everybody!

Now my 1st time seeing Def Eye live was at The Auburn Hip Hop Awareness Festival w/ The Grouch & A Plus. This man can be comedy on stage! I didn’t have one minute to spare (I was the stage manager), but I still found myself crackin up and running to the front of that stage to throw my hands up! He knows how to engage his audience for sure! I cannot wait to see this dudes complete set! ….DEF EYE!

And we have two more amazing acts that I know are perfect for this show!How do I know? Because these two BOTH performed at last years Halloween Show and had the whole crowd jumpin!

Ms Vybe! Very well known for her colorful & charismatic presence will have everybody’s attention when she hits that stage. With a unique and clear delivery, her music and energy will have you moving your feet not remembering how to stop! Contagiously witty lyricism….MS VYBE

And my main dude…Nome Nomadd! A real privileged to have him back after all this time! He’s been puttin in some major work this past year and all his hard work is really paying off! Recently dropping his debut album “The Who”, Nome Nomaad is definitely one to watch for! ~On The Rise – Big Ups!

$10 at the door
$8 Presale

I think that’s about good for now. More to be announced ….

Peace & Blessings,
Rocky Zapata
Auburn Hip Hop Congress Business Chair
J Ross Parrelli Street Teams Manager


2 Responses to “The Cuf, Defeye & more @ Pistol Pete’s”

  1. 09/13/2010 at 3:12 PM

    This is where it’s at… A-Town getting palced on the Hip Hop Map-

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