The Asiatic Beat Battle & Beatmaking Workshop

This battle is a fundraiser for the organization Today’s Future Sound which provides instruction in music production and beatmaking to youth in underserved communities particularly in the Bay Area and Oakland. Please give us a “like” on facebook, follow @tfs_beats
and check out our website and footage of our workshops on the site:



The battle will take place at Showdown in San Francisco at 10 Sixth Street between Mission and Market on SUN JANUARY 27th, 7pm.

http://showdownsf.com/ for map and details.

You MUST email [masked] or [masked] or contact facebook.com/philthydrummond
in order to enter the battle. Producers must also RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/303383719782250/?context=create

$5 entry into battle and venue WITH A CAN OF FOOD, $7 w/out, the same goes for all attendees of the event.
Attendees may get in for $5 by RSVP’ing before or by 4pm on Sunday Jan 27th. There will be two judges and the crowd is the third judge
so make sure to bring all your peoples to root for you and support! Bring your beats on CD and you must bring TWO COPIES of the CD

Producers must check in at 6pm at Showdown and pay their entry fee at that point in time.

Producers must do all four rounds in order to participate:

Download the samples here:

Round 1 is assigned sample, so you must contact [masked] or [masked] in order to be
assigned a sample group. You will be assigned to one of four groups and then have to make a beat out of that sample.

Round 2 is the sample pack and you may use as many or as few of the songs/samples to make ONE beat, but you may not use
ANY SAMPLES, DRUMS OR SOUNDS from outside of the sample pack except for spoken vocal snippets/dialogue (like a dj battle)

Round 3 is the digging round, each participant/producer is responsible for finding their own pre-1980 Asiatic funk/soul/pop
song to sample and flip into a beat. you must bring your sample on your CD to play so judges and audience can see how
the sample was flipped.

Round 4 is the acapella remix round in which participants must use only the song in the Round 4 folder (” Taku Izumi – ??”)
of this Zip to sample to remix the acapella of Mac Dre’s “It’s Raining Game”

The winner will receive a prize pack from the sponsors and a $100 towards purchase of any computer at Love and Haight Computers.


Asiatic Sample Flip Beat Battle, Sun Jan 27th 6pm at Showdown in SF: https://www.facebook.com/events/303383719782250/?ref=ts&fref=ts


Ever wanted to learn how to make beats, or learn different hardware or software? Here is your chance, NO EXPERIENCE necessary and all ages, open to everyone, this is a low-fee beatmaking workshop open to all ages, $5-15 donation, fundraiser for The MADE and Today’s Future Sound. You can prepay by sending a paypal donation to [masked] (and inquiries can be sent there as well) or pay at the door.

All paypal donations must be at least $5.45 to account for paypal fee assessed. There is no maximum donation and your donation goes to help continuing to support such workshops and work in the Oakland and Berkeley middle schools working with at risk youth.

Low-fee Intro to beatmaking at The MADE in Oakland Jan. 26th 12-3pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/469592923087012/?context=create

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