Wax Poetic Hip Hop Night Hosted by Hieroglyphics

Wax Poetic Hip Hop Night Hosted by Hieroglyphics

Friday, October 16 @ 9:00 PM

Wax Poetic is a Hip Hop nightlife series, brought to you by Pep Love and Hieroglyphics, for the hardcore hip hop heads. Hieroglyphics is the same collective that just brought you Hiero Day a couple of weeks ago. With Wax Poetic we intend to keep the vibe and momentum going by highlighting new non commercial hip hop music through the creativity of the DJ. Oakland, Ca is fast becoming a hub for arts and culture. We believe that this is the perfect time and place to present something unique that might actually do some lasting good and put us at the spearhead of a burgeoning movement. There is so much dope new hip hop music being released on Bandcamp everyday that there is no longer any need for DJ’s to spin “Golden Era” sets. Commercial hip hop on the radio is, for the most part, so divorced from the culture that when it’s played it does more to degrade the integrity of the culture than it does to contribute. Its time for hip hop to begin again. Its time for us to take back whats ours and stop having ourselves dictated to by the so called “powers that be”. This is a party for the non conformist. This is a party for the passionate. This is a party for the empowered minority who love hip hop enough to be interested in discovering the new shit. Come discover new hip hop with us. Dance and have a great time as some of the Wax Poetic DJ’s experiment with blending Afro Beat, Funk Breaks and Beats into this ALL NEW UNDERGROUND HIP HOP mix format. This Friday and every 3rd Friday of the month from now on is Wax Poetic night in Oakland.

$5 at the door 21yrs+

The Legionnaire Saloon | Oakland

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