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UNGAFFABLE PRODUCTIONS LLC & underworld opera present:

SMOKED OUT summer BBQ II (two)(2)

Griselda – Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher, Nappy Roots, Eptos Uno, Reverie, Gavlyn, MC Lyfe, Kung Fu Vampire, The IMF, Don P., Charlie Muscle, Living Out War, and more.

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

JULY 27-28, 2019 4:00 PM 

All Ages

$25 – $120


These ticket prices are for one week only

July 27th and 28th

2 Day Tickets – $50

2 Day VIP – $120

1 Day Saturday – $25

1 Day VIP Saturday – $65

1 Day Sunday – $25

1 Day VIP Sunday – $65

VIP includes Laminate, T-shirt, Poster, Meal Ticket, Early Entry and Free VIP After Party


Inhouse Talent & We All We Got Present: RICHIE RICH

Inhouse Talent & We All We Got Present:
With special Guest

Showcase sets by:
Bowie Entertainment
Game Brothas
Gwap Boiz
Self Thuggah

WE ALL WE GOT returns to Club Six on September 2nd with West Coast Living Legend RICHIE RICH, headlining the showcase series in a rare SF performance. Presented by Inhouse Talent and hosted by Revolutionary Poet Sellassie, WE ALL WE GOT is an independent artist showcase, exposing upcoming talent, cultivating relationships, and building community. WE ALL WE GOT is a place to discover some new music you just might like and mightn’t hear elsewhere.

Richie Rich first rose to prominence as a lead member of the popular Oakland, California, quintet, 415, back in the late eighties. The underground collective’s heralded debut, 41Fivin, which spawned a succession of popular singles; “415,” “Groupie Ass Bitch,” & “Side Show,” is still considered, to this day, a Bay Area classic. Unfortunately, with triumph often times comes tragedy, and while 415 were in the midst of signing with, then, indie giant, Priority Records, Richie Rich was arrested for drug possession. For him, everything came to a complete standstill.

Upon his release from incarceration, Rich quickly began building up his name again by appearing on records from the likes of Tupac Shakur, who was one of his best friends till the very end, and the Luniz. Soon, he found himself in the midst of a vicious bidding war, with Def Jam Records eventually coming out the victor. Richie Rich’s, then, highly anticipated Seasoned Veteran bowed in November ’96, and was met with gracious reviews. The set’s second offering, “Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven?,” was dedicated to the memory of his fallen comrade, 2Pac. A follow-up release was recorded for the label, but due to problems with the company’s infrastructure at the time, it was ultimately shelved. So, Rich, along with his longtime business partner, producer Lev Berlak, formed their own imprint, Ten-Six Records. The Game, which featured several tracks left over from the Def Jam era, dropped in 2000, and “Nixon Pryor Roundtree,” followed nearly two years later. Richie Rich has just released a new mixtape, Town Bidness and is urrently hard at work on his “official” still untitled, solo release.

WE ALL WE GOT host Sellassie is shining as a leading progressive voice in S.F. Bay Hip Hop. With an acclaimed debut release, I’m Tryin’ to Make a Livin’ Not a Killin’, and a new follow-up album, Sins of Your Forefathers, he is carving his niche in Hip Hop. Although inspired and motivated from reading hundreds of books, Sellassie is self-taught and came up on the streets. Sellassie’s lyric is rooted in a deep comprehension of the world around him. He writes on domestic and world politics, international relations and community needs, corporate thuggery and the obstacles independent artists face. He has seen first hand the problems that his music addresses. He has seen black on black crime, he has lost many close friends to homicide, he has seen the drugs and money destroy his community, he has witnessed the decay of Independent Bay Hip Hop. In addition to the new record, Sellassie is building this revolutionary show series WE ALL WE GOT, is working with many social, political and youth based initiatives, and is a contributor to various special projects including Emcees for Peace’s The Matter That Matters CD and the film, “It Doesn’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream.“

Proudly Sponsored by Fusicology, Reverb Nation, KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio + the Hip Hop Congress.

Price $10-$15
Time 9pm-2am
Music Hip-Hop