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Sept. 3, 2016
California’s Great America.
Santa Clara, CA

J Boog | Iamsu! | Tribal Seeds | Drew Deezy

Morgan Heritage | Ozomatli | Bayonics

Hooliganz | Zhen | Rey Res


Mind Motion | Nappy | Westafa | Cutso & Goldenchyld | Tesfa | Stiicks

2nd Annual Island Reggae Festival

Under The Bay Season 2: The Mixtape (Free Download)


It’s here! Under The Bay Season 2: The Mixtape, featuring exclusive new tracks from everybody who was interviewed in Season 2 of Under The Bay, including Mistah F.A.B., Young Gully, Stevie Joe, Sunspot Jonz (of Living Legends/Mystik Journeymen), San Quinn, Moe Green, BOAC, DoDAT, NhT Boyz, Catalyst, Plane Jane, ST Spittin, Meko Mcafee, DJ Fresh, Nump, Ammbush and Willie Joe!

Don’t forget to check out all the interviews if you missed em, and if you’re an artist in need of mastering, hit up D-Wiz of BPos. Dude did the mastering for this and last season’s mixtape and made both of them sound hella solid. Every time we do one I’m always amazed at the difference mastering makes…



Em Dub – Welcome To Under The Bay Season 2 (prod. A.M.S. Beats)
Episode 27: Ammbush
– Mummy Raps (prod. Coffee House Productions)
Episode 28: BOAC – The Buzz (prod. Cache)
Episode 29: Sunspot Jonz – Ninja Star (prod. BOAC)
Episode 30: ST Spittin – Get It (prod. Focus)
Episode 31: Meko Mcafee – Young Niggaz (prod. DJ Fresh)
Episode 32: Young Gully – Slow Down
Episode 34: DJ Fresh – Like Dis ft. Beeda Weeda (prod. DJ Fresh)
Episode 35: Willie Joe – Wata Musik (prod. Infa Red)
Episode 36: Opio – What Happens (prod. Unjust)
Episode 37: Nump – KushGrapesSour ft. B3
Episode 38: Mistah F.A.B. – Run 4 Your Life
Episode 39: Zion I – Polarity ft. Macklemore & Locksmith (prod. Amp Live)
Episode 40: San Quinn – Movin U ft. Martin Luther (prod. Big D)
Episode 41: Traxamillion – Thizzler On The Roof (prod. Traxamillion)
Episode 42: Drew Deezy – What U Know About It ft. Erk Tha Jerk
Episode 43: Moe Green – Masterpiece (prod. Dtox)
Episode 44: Jay Ant – Mackin & Hangin (prod. Jay Ant)
Episode 45: Erk Tha Jerk – Jump Out The Window ft. Jay Ant (prod. Jay Ant)
Episode 46: GQ – Wishful Thinking (High Noon)
Episode 47: Stevie Joe – It’s Whateva ft. Armani Depaul
Episode 48: NhT Boyz – Burn Slow ft. Winstrong (prod. The Real McCoy)
Episode 49: Plane Jane – Too Hot For Em (prod. Plane Jane)
Episode 50: Do DAT – Starta Fire (prod. MaliciousLee)
Episode 51: Catalyst – SoUh ft. M-Jaf & Gab (prod. M-Jaf)