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United for Nor Cal at The Phoenix Theater Petaluma

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Shey Roth Presents A Sight For Sore Ears

Shey Roth Presents A Sight For Sore Ears

Where hip hop, art, and psychedelia meet in the middle.

*music & visuals by*
Z-man!!! *** Al Lover ***Luke Sick & Brycon
Mr. Element *** Cramske


hip hop * psychedelia * live beats * vinyl djs
art for sale * food menu * beer & wine w/ID

Fresh off the Turn Up the Bass Tour and celebrating a new album release, “California Brainwashed”, and a birthday; Z-Man is coming to Santa Rosa! .(..and the people rejoiced) Al Lover, Brycon, Luke Sick, Cramske, and Mr. Element round out an exceptional lineup of artists from San Francisco and Sonoma County coming together to put on the best damn show at Arlene Francis Center, declared by the Bohemian to be “The Best Damn Place in Santa Rosa”.

When Z-Man takes the stage, his overwhelming charisma and energy inevitably move the crowd to the front to dance. Al Lover is getting nice write-ups in SF about his psychedelic rock remixes, bringing something different to the table and not waiting around for the future to come for that next chapter in music. Brycon and Luke Sick are also set to release a new album and will be performing original material. Local DJs Cramske and Mr. Element will bring some vinyl that you have never heard before that will expand your mind and set the tone for what looks to be an amazing night at AFC, the epicenter of the artistic renaissance in Santa Rosa.

If you like good hip hop music, psychedelic rock remixes, or bugged out artwork, you are going to love this show. If you love those things, you will be in heaven!

Saturday, August 17
Events at The Arlene Francis Center
$7 at the door
9pm – 1am