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Mood Pieces 510: Ellay Khule lp, Ab Rude ATU, Mic. T, Rafi B., Dream Nefra

Wed, Aug 28, 2019, 9:00 PM

Mood Pieces Pop-Up

Mood Pieces to Oakland on Wed Aug 28 upstairs at The Legionnaire Saloon to celebrate the Speech Therapy album release by Ellay Khule A.K.A. Rifleman of LA Project Blowed. One year ago Khule survived being shot multiple times in the streets of South Central LA, he literally cheated death.
His after shots recovery #KTFent debut lp is now available for pre-order on itunes (link in @keepthefeel bio)
Joined by Ab Rude ATU, Mic. T, Rafi B., Dream Nefra

The Legionnaire Saloon

2272 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA 94612